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Comics Obscura Podcast Episode 304 – Destroyer

Comics Obscura returns from a brief break with a discussion on the six-issue book Destroyer written by Victor LaValle and illustrated by Dietrich Smith. Interested in knowing what supplemental text we read? Check out our Show Notes for full references: Ep. 304 Show Notes

Comics Obscura Podcast – Close Reads: Watchmen #6

Last episode we looked at Watchmen written by Alan Moore with art by Dave Gibbons. This episode, we take a closer look at issue 6 diving into psychoanalysis, duality, and of course, Rorschach! Need a reminder of what we referenced? Check out our Show Notes for full details: Close Reads Watchmen #6 Show Notes

Comics Obscura Podcast – Slog Log 4

Comics Obscura continues with their Slog Log series! What titles have been stacking up on Tim and Jesse’s desk? All will be revealed in this short-and-sweet episode now available for your listening pleasure.