Friends have called us the greatest comic book duo since Batman and Robin, others have said we bear knowledge and intellectual prowess comparable only to Professor X, and our lovers have likened us to the great ubermensch himself, Superman.

If you ask me, Batman is a monomaniac with mommy issues, Robin is a terrible trapeze artist, Professor X cheated on his qualifying exams at Oxford, and Superman . . . Superman’s alright.

As for Tim and me, well, we are really just a couple of uppity pedants who spend too much time reading comic books and openly berating fictional characters with criticisms many “experts” and “professionals” would classify as libel.

But, really. It is obvious Charles cheated. And Dick can’t trapeze for shit.

Anyway, our goal here at the Comics Obscura Podcast is to provide readers with a space to engage in thoughtful conversation about comic books, graphic novels, and subjects related.

Less a news site and more a locus of ideas, we want to talk and write about topics we love in a critical way.

For those who are still here, please enjoy the content we provide, and engage as much as possible. We want to develop a healthy community, and hope to spark some interesting and enlightening conversations on an artistic form that we truly love.

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